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Acupuncture & Sound Meditation

  • Haus of Intrigue 1714 Memphis Street Philadelphia, PA 19125 (map)

Both Acupuncture and Sound Meditation have been practiced for thousands of years. In this experience, we will fuse both together in a uniquely curated experience at Haus of Intrigue in Fishtown (pictured above). A celebration of self-love through self-care.

Receive an acupuncture treatment led by Caroline Grace Ashurst while softening into a Sound Meditation with Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls and soulful melodies offered by Luna Maye.


A look into the Acupuncture Treatment:

Imagine your mind falling away so that all you feel is your body and your essence. Imagine that you are relaxed, breathing deeply, and feeling completely at peace. This acupuncture treatment that is administered on points around the structure of the ear is a powerful way to access our deepest, calmest reserves of energy.

Five tiny needles in each ear give way to relaxing the grip of the fight or flight nervous system response. Used in drug and alcohol rehab clinics for detoxification, it moves blood, circulates through and activates the major organs, slows breathing, relieves pain, and calms the stress response.

A look into the Sound Meditation:

Sound Meditations are immersion in sound frequency that cleanse the soul. For people who are new to their meditation journey, looking to enhaunce it with sound, or wonder if “you are doing it right” (which by the way there’s no way to do it wrong) they provide an approachable way to drop in to your meditative state; a true effortless surrender - even for the busiest of minds.

What to Bring With You?

A yoga mat, blanket & anything else needed for your maximum comfort (eye mask, etc.)

Space is limited - details on arrival, etc. will be sent with ticket.

Questions, Curiousities?

Feel free and welcome to reach out to Luna at or Caroline at