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Soul Mate Activation with Condor Medicine and Luna Maye

  • Haus of Intrigue 1714 Memphis Street Philadelphia, PA 19125 (map)

Dive Deeper into Soul Mate Connectivity with this mindfully curated workshop experience led by Shamanic Hypnotherapist Condor Medicine and support in sound by Sound Artist & Meditation Guide Luna Maye at Haus of Intrigue - a Fishtown vessel curated for deep human connection.


With February’s hallmark Valentine’s Day, thoughts and ideas around life partnership, bringing in a balanced relationship or even meeting your soulmate may be arising if you are still waiting to meet that special someone. Many of us have experienced difficulty finding partnership, where some are just simply fatigued by repeated patterns of difficult, imbalanced relationships.

Our Soul Mate connection, however, is far beyond a connection to just one other person. It can be with groups of other beings as well as our internal soul mate connection to our path. Do you feel like you are drawing in the highest reflection of how you would like to be met in this journey of life, by yourself as well as others?

In this workshop, Shamanic Hypnotherapist Condor Medicine will introduce participants to some of the most recent findings in neuroscience, epigenetics, self-healing, and quantum physics and will teach participants how we truly hold the power to heal our internal environment to create our external. We will then have an hour and a half long Group Shamanic Hypnotherapy session, allowing us to find the roots of any emotional sources that may be holding us back from finding our soulmate, internally or externally, and then channeling in the chemical responses internally to bring in healing of these chemical and emotional signatures we create, making the space to channel our true soulmate connection. During this Hypnotherapy Session, Luna Maye will be creating a nest of sound vibrations offering up a Sound Meditation with Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls and infusing the meditation with grounding & soulful melodies.